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[Robotic Arms]

Enhanced body project, 2012


A concept of having removable extra limb on human body, using robot technology.

For this project, I didn't do much experiments, just determine the Idea that' What if we can use extra arms made in machinery but move just like our arms, reading brainwave?', and started to think about the shape of the final mock-up, because I regarded this project is not for serious product development and it must be more fun and interesting, or eye-catching.I made robot arms with joints and docks on hair band with paper and form in 1:1 scale, and put it on my friend's head in presentation. As  I intended, it was quite eye-catching and fun, I think I made the result I wanted.

It is a one-off piece of speculative, as a mock-up of imaginary entertainment design piece. But like a personal mobile phone had first appeared in a SF movie several decades ago, I think this kind of imaginary concept always has potential. (This piece selected by professor Tord Boontje  and I presented this project at Yamaha London design studio's event in NOV2012)



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