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[Pouch Couch]

Vitra international design workshop, individual project,

Program by Tomoko Azumi [Secret Life of Plants], JUL 2010 


A unique, outdoor sofa inspired by a particular plant that is capable of both concealing and reavealing its occupant. Th major theme of this project is to create a piece that mimics a plant that can be found in Boibuchet, France. The plant is strange looking flower that has long, thich stem. It has a 'pouch' made large leaves that are actually part of the stem. Inside the pouch are little flowers, which when they bloom, the pouch opens, revealing the flowers in all their beauty. 

The Pouchcouch is made from flexible metal wire, thick oxford cotton fabric, forms, and huge rubber tire. When the Pouchcouch is opened, the colourful fabric inside appear as if they are 'blooming'. The occupant can relax with an inspiration book, drift off to slumber, or 'peel' back the cover to enjoy the view. Because the Pouchcouch is covered in fabric, the occupant can still feel a part of nature even if the Pouchcouch is completely closed.  

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