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[Parasite Hooks]

Leather hook installation for wooden surfaces, SHOW RCA 2014




This project aims to bring natural aesthetics indoors.

Mushrooms, fungi, and moss grow on the trunks of trees, mussels growing on the sea rocks - I'm fascinated by these creatures that use another being's surface as their base. They change the appearance and characteristic of the 'base' entirely.  


I wanted to mimic this natural phenomena on a common interior material - wood. By using leather in various thicknesses and sizes, I am able to create unusual yet somehow familiar patterns and textures on any wooden surfaces. Although the parasite creatures obtains nourishments from the host without benefitting or killing the host, these leather parasites benefit its host by adding a hook function for hanging clothing and accessories. 


Parasite Hooks Furniture Collection with Black Lether(Cow and Sheepskin in various thicknesses, dyed black and semi-gloss finished), All carefully hand-drilled in angle, leathers are cut and roll, glued strongly by hands. The biggest hooks are up to 10cm long, strong enough for heavy winter coats and handbags.


Wardrobe : Repaired French Antique, Solid Hardwood(wenge, mahogani and oak) 1980x1160x530mm

Armchair : English Antique, Sold Hardwood. aprox.600x600x1020mm







These two are one-off pieces are now displayed in KOKON-TO-ZAI's Notting Hill shop.

86 Golborne Road, London W10 5PS


For commission works, collaborations, or purchase, please contact me to

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