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[Nomad Doctor]

Exhibited 'Oxymoron', 'HI ART FESTIVAL' at Hongik univ, 2009. Team project with 2 members.

Emergency relief project advised by World Vision.



A concept of portable hospital system capable of being folded into a box shape that small enough to be transported by a common 4WD vehicle. The Nomad Doctor is designed to provide complete medical assistance in the poorest of conditions. it is foldable, when it is folded the size is about 1x1x1m, has a tarf, desk, two folding chairs and a bed and also equipped with advanced medical technology; from the very basics to an MRI Machine, autoclaves, etc, so that when it is set-up, it is proper small hospital. Also, setting-up is a lot faster and easier than existing field hospital. 


"There are two billions of people in our waiting room, and the whole world is our emergency room" -by Doctors Without Borders-

Medical, humanitarian organizations are responsible for saving millions of lives each year. However, in many counties, the lack of infrastructure and isolated locations make medical relief close to impossible. It is essential that field hospitals be immediately set-up and ready for action in response to a natural disaster or war. However, until now, the wet-up of field hospitals has been slow and complicated; which too often leads to the death of individual whose lives could have been saved had the necessary medical treatment been readily available. 

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