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[Minor Projects]

[THE STUFF] Hongik furniture design week 2011, An art furniture piece like an imaginative birdy creature that was hunted, stuffed and turned into a sofa. 

[DEUNGCHOCK] Hongik furniture design week 2010

a flat-packing, floor lighting inspired by traditional Korean candle holder. 

[SCRAP STOOL] Hongik furniture design week 2010

Abstract furniture made of small pieces of leftover cloth and broken robot toys.

[SEAFOOD GANG] Exhibited at Hongik Industrial Design Show 'Oxymoron' 2007

A set of small holders used as hooks for small kitchen accesorries, that attach to common hanging kitchen rack.

Made of stainless steel and durable enamel coated. 

[MANUAL MANIPULATOR] Hongik Industrial Design show 'Oxymoron' 2007

A concept, heavy machinary robot in human form designed for construction in outer space. The robot is operated by an individual located inside. The robot's real scale is approximately 4.2meters tall. This ribit was a work exhibited project during my sophomore year. It is 3:1 scale model made of formboards and papers and all the joins works for different poses.

[ALIANS IN CAGE] funology design project, 2007

A fun lamp design inspired by fireflies.

[TETRIS HOUSE]Funology Design Project, 2007

A toy for kids, set of densed Form block Pieces that can be connected to create a little house. 

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