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A space-saving cafe table that caters for laptop users. Team project with one member.

Exhibited in Hongik Furniture design week, 2010

Nowadays you can easily see people using laptops in cafe everywhere in the world. However, often tables in cafe are too small and if you place a laptop, your coffee and a few books or anything, the table is too full and hard to do anything. Cafes are trying to put as many as table in order to get more customer, even though they offer the electricity and wifi eccess, they don't offer big tables. Understand that, I suggest a space-saving cafe table for laptop users. The Laptoble has two moving glass tops with a wooden board below. This allows the users to use a laptop without having to constantly move it when there are refering books or other materials. gap between the wooden board and the glass top is high enough to use keyboard and mouse, above the keyboard there is transparent tabletop you can put your other materials and coffee. 

You can simply pull open the sliding glass top, place your laptop inside, and slide the glass top closed. This easy design allows the individual to comfortly and effectively multi-task.

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