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Art furniture piece, HONGIK FURNITURE DESIGN WEEK(Degree Show) 2011



"Another World Inside a Cabinet"

A modern interpretation of a Korean Traditional, wooden cabinet with one-of-a-kind twist. There is an East-Asia fiarytale about a man who went into a pot and found another world inside. It is from this fairytale that this piecs's concept originate from. Jangjungchun means 'a sky inside a cabinet'. The cabinet's thick heavy appearance creates a surprising yet pleasant contrast to inner design. The red, silk cloth protruding from the black cabinet door waits as a temptress enticing its viewer to give a pull. 


If the cloth is pulled, a panel located in the lower part of the door elevates, revealing a cloud painted window. Lighting behind the window creates an effect of a passageway leading into the depths of the cabinet. The cabinet is made of solid ash and venner plywood, satined with Chinese ink, and has a satin-finish of wood oil. Darkly tinted brass is used on the metal hinges and locks. size : 1340(w)x1430(h)480(d)mm

The cabinet's overall shape and proportion of the shelves mainly follows those of Korean Furniture from 17th-19th centuries. Although old-style furniture had simple shelving, this piece was designed with complicated shelving for convenience and comfort for modern domestic use. The before mentioned 'Light Box' can also be used as a display area. 

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