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Gosuel 고슬

Romantics(Hongik Industrial Dep. Degree Show), 2010

'A Simple Rice Cooker, inspired from Korean Traditional Iron Caldron'

A large, iron caldron used for cooking rice has always been considered a household symbol in Korea. Today, flashy hi-tech rice cooker have taken the caldron's place. However, they have not been able to equal the caldron's historic and emotional value. This piece merges the caldron of old and the electric rice cooker of the present in order to satisfy the need for convenience and meaning.   


Through its elements and design, the Goseul not only reflects the days of old but is also capable of sitting alone on counter of a modern kitchen as an object. In order to achieve appropriate shape and volume, several soft form models were designed and produced. For this particular project, 3D models deemed themselves ineffective, but real-scale models proved to be affective tools in accomplishing the Goseul's perfection.

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