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A kinetic lampshade that changes the shade of a room constanly. SHOW RCA 2014


Cloud chandelier aims to bring natural easthetics indoors. Cloud are the greates and the most natural form of shade. They never stay still, and make the environment look different every single moment. 

I think the feeling of nature is created by the atmosphere that is always changing. This mobiel shades, made of paper cut-out to irregular patterns of thousands of small circular disks, is inspired by this aspect of clouds, which makes the indoor space never feel the same by changing the shade with only natural air flowing through the room, just like clouds outside. 


Cloud Chandelier is flat-packed paper porduct of collapsable structure. Each pieces are connected with thread and one set is comes out with attachable ceiling hook. A single set od Cloud Chandelier is aprox. 80cm long when it is in the longest shape, and 40cm in height. you can add up as many as you want if you want a massive cloud under your ceiling. In the videp there are 5 set hanging under a 1.8m florecent light.




Cloud Chandelier is on the process of production. For those who wants to purchase, please contact me to and I'll let you know as soon as the product is ready for market                                                                         ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::

The first units and mock-up

The second units and mock-up

The third units for the Show, without wire structure. 

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