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Re-binded old book pages using traditional East-Asian stab-binding skill in 3D. 

Something Old, Something New Porject, P19, 2013



The initial brief is getting inspiration from old techniques and use it making new things, or create the new way of small manufacturing. I started with experiment of laminating paper with flower glue, and moved into old bookbinding methods. Laminating paper makes flexible paper into very hard and stable material, just like wood, but I wanted to keep the flexibility of paper and make it more hard than just papers. Binding papers together with thread keeps the bit of flexibility of paper but make it much durable and stable.I took very old second hand books as a material, because it is anyway beautiful stack of papers but almost waste. It is a kind of process that de-bind books and re-bind in 3d forms. The beauty of the old paper, alphabet letter as a pattern and the hand stitch made it very unusual but still usual objects.


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